Friday, July 10, 2015

I want to SCREAM this authors name from the top of a mountain. She is THAT good.

Meet Angela Marsons author of ...
Book one in a series, the first thing I did when I had time after reading this book is buy me another by this author.

The book, the plot, the writing the twists is THAT good.

Now maybe next month I will have money to purchase one of the two remaining books this author has on Amazon...talking of which, click on the pic to get your own copy

Now the story is set in Brittain so do NOT complain about this book not being in American English, it would be really funny to read a book set on the British Isles with characters born and raised on the isles in American English.  But that is only a very small part of why I fell in love with this author. 

Usually I can guess the who-dunnit-part fairly quickly, mostly I can even say why.  This one had me up until about 8 pages before the reveal before my mind put it all together.  The author is simply that good in her writing.  She makes you suspect one, take them out of the game, suspect another, take them out of the game and by the time you realize who did what to whom you find that not even that is the complete story. 

People I love this genre meaning I truly read tons in this genre. So for me to freak out about this book this much must tell you that this is an amazing read for this genre.  Not over complicated a bit of a double whammy which usually is not to my taste but works wonderfully here. 

In short.  Invest in a copy, even with my whispernet charge this book is NOT expensive and boy is it good.  The female protagonist with so much of her own issues rocked this.  Other characters were well developed and acted nicely to set her up and set her off.


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