Friday, July 31, 2015

Jock Dog Food

So a short while back I entered a Facebook giveaway from Jock Dog Food
Click on this pic to go and follow them on Facebook.!/AFGRIDogFood?fref=ts
So I won.  And this parcel was delivered.  Very quickly
And in the parcel I got this. 
 No, no the sweet little pooches are mine.  The Yorkie was a bit overwhelmed but the tea cup toy pom was not.  The bed was massive the duck bigger than the sweet little toypom.  He took it in anyway and he adores it.
Then the food.  The wee ones loved it but it was a bit big for it.
This baby girl however was not too small for it.
So I gave her the bed, she adores it and it is nice and thick keeping the cold from her tummy and then I gave her the food.
It lasted almost a month.  No I do not give her dry dog foor exclusively.  What I do is I give her some rice and veggies for dinner and dog foor for breakfast.
And the results were amazing.  Her coat got glossier within a week.  I had far less "BUSINESS" to take care off on the grass and my entire household were happier. 
So here is what I am basing my review on.
Ease of access to those in charge
Expediency of product delivery.
Quality of products based on durability and results
I can honestly recommend the dog food to any dog lover. 
Go and see their page on Facebook.  It is fun and it is worth the watch.


  1. Nice! What a great package—we have a couple of big boys that would love that. I'll go visit their Facebook page. We believe in feeding our dogs good food :)

    1. Thank you Angelica. My big girl loves this.