Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Meet Patricia Bellomo

So way back when, when the earth was new and the sun but a star I requested a book from Netgalley.  Like a bibliophiles, I have no stop button built into my system.  I want all of the books all of the time even though I need not be Sheldon Cooper to figure out I may not have the time to actually read all of the books....
This book however... I did read

Now for those who know me, and by now you all do, I do not go for books with the words Mistress in it.  So why did I request this book? I honestly cannot tell you.  But I did.  So now I had it and I have an obligation towards the author.... So after months of putting it off I at last gave in and started to read it.  Figuring before hand that I probably will put this one down as a DNF.  And I read.  I turned the page and read and read and in almost one sitting finished a book that has all that it should for me..Mafia and violence.  Good men doing bad things.  Stunning woman using what God gave them to get what they want.

A little girl.  A touch of the mystic and a story.  A real honest to goodness story.  I was engrossed.  So when I left my review on Netgalley the author contacted me saying I indicated I would like her to contact me and so she did.

So meet the author

Here is her bio on Amazon.
Patricia Bellomo is a frequent visitor to New Orleans and sunny South Florida, the settings for her non-sequential Louie Morelli series. Patricia loves writing about powerful men and admits to having known a few "Louie Morelli" types. As Patricia says, "My characters wear Armani and seduce their women on yachts." One of these yachts is an eighty-foot Hatteras named "Stella di Mare", the title of her first novel. This sexy, South Beach thriller and Patricia's second book, "Louie Morelli's Daughter", are the ultimate beach-reads. Check out her latest book, Louie Morelli's Mistress. Visit Patricia's website and Mob Blog at: www.patriciabellomo.com

What this bio does not tell you is that this woman has class.  She is professional and an amazing person to be in a conversation with, even if it is only via email I liked her from the get go and grew to admire her more as time went by and we corresponded more.

So I have no doubt you are wondering what you need to do to win a Kindle copy of this amazing authors book? Simple.  See the raffle......

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  1. You had me at "Sheldon Cooper" :-)

  2. Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Nice to meet you Patricia Bellomo. I am looking forward to reading your book/s. Thank you for this giveaway!

  4. What an awesome Blog post!!! Best of Blessings y Overwhelming Success!!! 💝

  5. Replies
    1. You would be even more so once you have read a book by this author my friend.