Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jonathan Kellerman - The Murderer's Daughter

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The new masterfully plotted, stand-alone pyschological thriller from No. 1 bestseller Jonathan Kellerman, featuring tough, brilliant young pyschologist Grace Blades, a former student of Alex Delaware.
A brilliant and dedicated psychologist, Grace Blades has a gift for treating troubled souls and tormented psyches - because she bears her own invisible scars. Only five years old when she watched her parents die in a bloody murder-suicide, Grace took refuge in her fierce intellect and found comfort in the loving couple who adopted her. But her now-accomplished life has a secret side, ruled by an insatiable desire; by night she pursues the addictive thrills of sexual trysts with strangers. And when her two worlds unexpectedly converge, Grace's past returns with a vengeance, threatening to destroy everything she's fought for - including her life.
Shaken by the murder of her newest patient and fearful that an investigation will expose her double life, Grace sets out to probe the crime herself. But when she stumbles on the dead man's true identity, a horrifying chapter from her childhood is violently reawakened, forcing Grace to confront a decades-old act of evil crying out to be avenged. Suddenly stalked by dangerous men, Grace must turn to the talent for survival she's depended on all her life in order to face down the darkest personal demon she's ever battled: her own.
My two cents
Ok so my new rating policy might turn out to be unfair in certain circumstances.
But in this case I think it works perfectly.
If I read a book and I cannot put it down or if I have to put it down I cannot wait to pick it back up again then it gets a five star rating. 
And obviously if the plot is shabby, the logic faulty, the editing lacking etc then the book will get on my nerves instead of hooking me.
However, this book took me a bit before it hooked me this completely.  Only at 31% did my obsession with seeing the end of the book come to light even though the book has a fast and immediate hook at the start.
If I should guess, I would say that my “second hook” came so late because I had to get used to Grace and not Milo and Kie although they are referenced in passing in this book.
But this book had me hooked.  Kept me hooked and I am glad to say that I can recommend this to anybody who is a lover of this genre and most who might not normally like this genre.
I am a long time fan but got a bit irritated with the main characters driving for pages at a time.  Grace does the same but less so and she is new and twisted and perfect for a character.
Grace is the definition of everything a character should be, a bit unpredictable.  A lot unstable, then again she has reason to be.  Her past filled out the story and plot brilliantly and I would have been happy if her past were the only thing up for discussion.  When the present were as engaging I was in heaven. 
I really hope the author will make Grace Part of a new series and on the other hand I think by the end of book one, we actually do know what makes her tick so a series might not be necessary but still. I love Grace. 
What else can I tell you to convince you to read this book? Nothing.  So stop reading this and get your copy of the book today. 
You will thank me. 


  1. Thank you Autumn. I loved this book. Missed Milo, but love Grace.