Monday, October 26, 2015

This weeks Zoo animals are all rock stars. Meet Ted Krever and Courtney Michelle Chance

Here is Ted Krever;
All around good guy! or click on the banner above and visit him on his blog.

Now he offers spots on his blog to authors.  To help them and to get the word out of their work.

Thank you Ted.

Yes, this is the sum total of WaAr

Have a listen

Now meet Courtney Michelle Chance.  She has a blog or you can follow her on Facebook

Yes she is one of those.  A reviewer.  So you really want to meet her.

Until next time.... have fun in the zoo.
If you are a reviewer, then click on the pic of the big cat and ask to join us.  We have fun.  We read.  A LOT!


  1. Thank you SO much for featuring me on your blog <3
    Loveeee this post :)

  2. I dont know who to turn to but ive been to the deep web and i have seen somethings that will make you sick. Rapist, pedophiles, serial killers, all these people beleive that what they do is ok. but its not. it makes me sick. NEVER go to the deep web. its notthing but chaos.

  3. Wow that is a nice picture. Nature is full of such surprises.