Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When the zoo goes to the dogs, then it is Angela Yuriko Smith that comes to the rescue.
Give me a second here.  While I gather my thoughts click on the pic and see Angela's amazing blog. 
And trust me you want to do that for Angela's daughter creates book covers and she can be contacted via her blog.
The one above.
But who is Angela.
Well a picture says a 1000 words or it is worth it or something.  I think that is a stupid saying.  A picture does so much more and so far less than the right word.
Any who.
This is what Angela looks like.  And she seems sweet, caring, and loving right.  Right cause she is.  She is also very compassionate.  Very helpful.  Very component and a host of other things.  Admittedly, I have know off her for years, once or twice engaged in a friendly word here or there. 
Recently I have had the pleasure to work with her and I am in awe. 
This woman rocks.  But do not take my word for it.  Contact her and get to know the magnificence that is Angela. 
If you want to contact her via FACEBOOK...CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW.

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