Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blurb via Goodreads
A Tale of Two Raccoons by Vivian Peterson
It was a balmy evening late in May. My son Daniel had left for work, or so I thought. I heard the doorbell ringing and opened the front door. There stood an extremely agitated Daniel. 'Someone has run over a baby raccoon, and its sibling just ran through the yard to the back of our house.'

Thus begins A Tale of Two Raccoons, the true story of playful, mischievous raccoons being absorbed into human families.

When wisdom, empathy, tenderness, and respect are applied, the results are trust, loyalty, and love. Alternately, neglect and abuse create anger, frustration, and destruction.

A story of love and acceptance, A Tale of Two Raccoons will tug on readers' heartstrings and bring a tear to readers' eyes

My review
I loved this book.  The antics of the Raccoons and the tenderness apparent within the story towards wild animals were clear.  Vivian's story was filled with life and living it with Raccoons.  I got a lot from reading this story.  I learned anew that a person should at all times have respect for wild animals.  That, as humans we have a responsibility to deal with animals not as if they were humans but as if they were animals with all that that entails.  I also learned another lesson.  One more in need of learning for me personally.  The first part of the book plays off in a time where the author and her son were not financially independent.  Instead they were rather in dire straits.  But as the story unfolds I noticed that the author and her son lived a life of abundance.  They had love for each other, others and nature.  More than enough to share with baby kits.  As the story progressed their physical circumstances changed for the better.  But it is in their ability to love, that they grew stronger still.  I don’t know what happened to Daniel after the story ended.  But I know that with this form of upbringing he could not help but turn into a wonderful human being.
Thank you for sharing this book with me.  I give it a five star review and placed this book copy with my other treasured belongings.  For it is a gift to be treasured. 5 ***** and two extra for the share joy of reading it! **


  1. You warmed me heart today Wanda reading your review thank you!! Love & Huggles!!

    1. Reverse that, you warmed mine. What a great book to read.


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