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NorthWest by JH Glaze as reviewed by Wanda Hart

I love this cover!

NorthWest by JH Glaze
Blurb via Goodreads
John Hazard is back on the trail of danger! After a life-altering event, he has resigned from the police department in small town America and enrolled in a Paranormal Investigation course at Bay University, a community college in San Francisco.

For their final grade, the class ventures to the Pacific NorthWest to film a documentary on a mysterious phenomenon they call “The NorthWest Triangle,” where scores of small aircraft and people have gone missing without a trace.

Professor Macy Renner believes the answer lies in an unsolved mystery from her own past and is determined to discover it, no matter the cost.

Emily Sparks has her own reasons for going, and it’s not just about the money. She is about to jump from the frying pan into the fire as she signs on for a journey that will transport her into the veritable jaws of hell.

Can a rag-tag team of misfits succeed in uncovering the source of the supernatural anomaly, or will the terror that lies in wait consume them in the process?

Come along on an adventure where you will learn that you don’t have to outrun the creatures behind you. You only have to run faster than the person beside you

My review
So I never read blurbs, ever. I stick to authors I know or a cover I like or some such random thing.  Blurbs I've learned will rather putt me off the book than attract me to it.  I know, I am weird.  Given.
This book was not the exception.  I only read the blurb now when I started on the review.  I read the blurbs so that I know how much of the plot the author is willing to give away.
So, why mention this, simple.  I've read one book and one short story by this author.  Based on that alone, I would have read this book.  Have I know the true subject matter, I would have been very, very nervous to start the book.  In my entire reading life, I've only come across one author who could actually pull this off.  Ok, now it is two authors. 
This is an action packed book with twists and turns that will leave the reader breathless!  I loved the chasing scenes.  Trust me.  It is weird to love chasing scenes' first off many of the scene's seem to run the same course and end up irritating me as a reader.  Not these.  They are true to life, wrought with human frailty and pure adrenalin based.  In one word.  Brilliant.  As the author so expertly put it, you do not need to be the fastest runner; you only need to run faster than the slowest……
John Hazard is back ladies and gentlemen.  His previous John Wayne attitude in The Spirit Box has morphed and he is gaining character traits which not only makes him a brilliant character but also one with whom the reader can identify better.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no Ex Marine, Ex MP, Ex Detective Ex, ex ex.  I am me.  But the choice he makes is human, well thought through and his leadership capabilities are never forced.  This for me alone made him a much more rounded character than he was in the previous book. 
When I started the book, I went and googled the Pacific NorthWest, don’t ask why.  But it is a stunning piece of earth and I enjoyed paging through the images on Google.  Now that I am done with the book I have to say that I am astounded at the sheer brilliance of JH Glaze.  He managed to make a place I've ever only heard of and seen photos off seem so entirely foreign that I would now think twice before EVER accepting an invite to the region.  Thank you Jeff, for adding a new phobia…. Lol.  Brilliantly done though. 
So again, back to the blurb.  Read it, it has all the things in it you need to know to make you want to jump for joy at reading the book.  I am not going to give away the plot.  One thing is for certain, with each book JH Glaze glamour and amazes me.  He is truly the new king of horror.
I give this book an 8 ******** review.  It kept me riveted and rooting for the characters to please, please run faster.  It does not have the same irony that was so prevalent in the first book.  Instead it had something else entirely.  Heart stopping action.  To you Mr. Glaze, I bend the knee and shout "I am not worthy. I am not worthy. I am scum………. Muah

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