Thursday, April 05, 2012

God Blessed the Broken Road By  CrystalCattabriga Mariza's story book one
What if two children, growing up in the same household manage to grow up with very different religious views.
What if life, strips the child with faith from that faith only to encourage the other to accept that God is the one true God.
What is the choice between one truck stop and another changes the course of one families future, forever, and with it the lives of all those whom they touched.
What if a moment of rage closes doors and with it hope.
What if one moment's weakness leaves one person in a situation where the Broken Road of their lives leads to death.
What if one person gets a second chance to live the life God ordained.  What if this life would not have been lived were it not for a loss of faith, a wrong choice and a horrible judgment call.  What if this was your journey?  Would you choose to end the journey or to carry on, allowing God to fix your road with forgiveness and purpose?  What if…..
This is an amazingly touching story, choices and decisions made leave the reader wonder if they would have been able to handle circumstances differently.  I highly recommend you take this journey.  It is a journey of hope, salvation and purpose.  It is the journey of us all.
I give this book an 8 ******** rating.  It deserves much more for forcing me to take stock of my own life.

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