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Book Review of Where The Sun Sets by Ann Marie

Book Review of Where The Sun Sets by Ann Marie

Best friends since childhood, two women are forced to define that friendship when one is critically injured while protecting the other. While one woman must come to terms with past events she never stopped to notice, the other comes face to face with a past she fought hard to forget.

The story takes place during a twenty four hour period.
Antonia Dal Santo spent her whole life protecting her best
friend. Josephine Ferrero spent her whole life trying to become someone else. Protecting Josephine was Antonia's way of forgetting how no one protected her. Josephine was so busy acting she forgot who she really was. When Antonia is shot protecting Josephine, both women must face their own hidden truths, alone.

Review 4****

This is a very touching story. I enjoyed it very much.

Antonia Dal Santo is a wonderful character. She is very loyal to her friend. In fact, I would say that Antonia sees Josephine as a sister. She has had a very tough life, but has retained her spirit. I loved this character, as she is very strong and protective.

Josephine Ferrero is a character that set my teeth on edge. She is not a bad person, but she is exceedingly self centred, and seems to have tunnel vision when she wants something. She is always wanting to be the centre of attention. When Antonia is hurt, Josephine has a sort of wake up call.

This is a most intriguing psychological thriller. These two characters are both sent to the same convent school at the age of seven and strike up a friendship that lasts for decades. This tale is told in a very short time frame, but there are several flash backs to their childhood. This gives the reader the opportunity to understand the dynamic between the two friends. This book is full of suspense and mystery, not to mention danger. I was completely hooked from the first page. However, I did find that I wanted to throttle Josephine for her blinkered outlook; Never mind living on another planet, I think she lived in a completely different universe! I don't know how this woman functioned! That being said, once the danger sank into her brain, she began to see the bigger picture and actually started acting like a human being. I actually began to like her. There are a few twists in this tale that I never saw coming. All in all, an entertaining read.

Ann Marie has written a tear jerker of a book that took me on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. A word of warning: There are some scenes of sexual abuse. Therefore, I do not recommend this book to younger readers or those of a nervous disposition. However, I recommend this book if you love thrillers or suspense. - Lynn Worton

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