Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jason Ellis, author of many books friend to all.

Jason Ellis says ~~~

Hi everyone :D
So, many of you will have heard of Author Adoption ... it is used a lot at the moment to assist us writers with promotion, marketing etc.
I, along with J.H. Glaze and Christine Hughes, were adopted by the one and only, the amazing, the legend that is Wanda Hartzenberg :D (Some believe that she is just a myth ... no one could LOVE authors as much as she does, surely??)
What does it mean, though? How can it help us, or you?
Well, to begin with, you have help straight away, another voice other than your own to shout about your book(s). Trust me, there are times when I need a lot more Jason Ellis' around here ... one to write, one to edit, one to drink tea ... you get the idea ;)
Wanda the Amazing(she's now transformed - superhero status has arrived) - will ask myself, Christine, and Jeff, where we all want to be in 3 months ... are we after sales? Are there books due to be published? What do you need to do and what can I do?
I'm very lucky to be in such a prestigious group of writers ... we all help each other already, when possible. Now we also have Wanda as well ... she can post when we can't, she can promote when we are too busy, she can network when we are editing or writing. And this is a key point to the author adoption idea ... I couldn't tell you how many hours I have wanted to sit and write a new chapter, or edit the book that I'd finished, but found myself too busy with the other side of my job; networking, blogging/ vlogging, promoting, marketing ... arranging give-aways ... the list goes on.
I look forward to the next few months ... I'm going to work that Wanda until she begs me for a day off ... then I'm going to work her some more hahaha!! :)
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