Friday, January 25, 2013

To Adopt an Indie Author.

Holly Silverstone book one by Jason Ellis ladies and gents...

So recently I have adopted 3 Indie authors.  JH Glaze, a horror /thriller author with a new romance book.  Jason Ellis, a children novelist with a recent thriller and Christine Hughes, a paranormal author with a romance book on Amazon as well.
 Why these three? Well is it not obvious? Can't you see the relationship between the three? Why, I never!!!
It is obvious.  They are all three of them brilliant authors.  Authors with lives like us, cars breaking down, a shortage of time and finance and with washing that needs to be done.
But they are not really LIKE us.  They are talented.  Very talented and I love their writing styles and genre choices because….well….because I love it…. lol.  But….it is also easier to promote such an eclectic mix than it is to promote authors within the same genre.
 So how do I plan to promote them.  With your help.  This is an Indie world but it is not, nor should it be a Indie eats Indie world.  We are all in this together.  So let us help one another.
Today's tip for loving an Indie author.
Like all their books and their author pages on Amazon. 
More tips to follow in the weeks to come. 
Also, pick up a book by one or all three these authors.  You will not regret it. 
Author Christine Hughes ladies and gents....

See more by JH Glaze on Amazon with the following link...
 Christine Hughes' author page on Amazon will allow you to have a peek at all her books...
 Jason Ellis' on Amazon gives you access to all his books as well as a video which will allow you to hear that sexy British accent..
The Life We Dream by J H Glaze, his first romance....

Oh and PS.  To my new adopted children, I am here to help you, not take orders.  The table is turning, and it is your turn to listen to me…. so be warned, this lady does not give a spoon full of sugar!!!!!!! Bwhahahahah!!! But I can be bribed!


  1. Yes Ma'am!!! I will listen to whatever you say (except when it comes to eating my veggies...) lol

    1. He he he, no need to eat your veggies, I dont eat veggies, we will go with fresh fruit. lol Wanda


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