Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spud last book in the series

Spud Exit Pursued by a Bear

The end of a series and the end of an era for me.

As a South African I feel it imperative to say upfront that I do not really support our own artists and authors.
Painters, I love, we can capture feeling on canvass like few others. Writing, in my opinion, at least until a few years back, struggled.
We tend to overdo things, go emo in 3 seconds. Then I read my first Spud novel.

I was shocked. Here I found a novel that kept me captive, up late at night and making past-midnight hour calls to friends saying, asking and not waiting for a response -- have you read this? You must.....

So with the last book in the series the love I have found for South African authors came crashing down on me.
The shame, the self berating is constant.
Finding a single author that changed my mind pertaining to an entire countries ability to entertain -- astounding.

So here is to an author, one who made children who would never have dreamed of reading an entire book, begging their parents for the next in the series, here is to grownups, getting the finer nuances of pain and growing up, we all faced it! We all look back with shock and nostalgia.

Here is to a country who has gems that is unexplored.
That has citizens like me that pass them up for the next New York bestseller.

Here is to me, for coming to my senses and realizing that being home grown is a good thing.
A great thing.
Taking a journey down streets you actually know is a journey worth taking.

A 5 * rating. I would if I could have given it 10 *.
In my heart of hearts I give it a 100 * review rating and my appreciation for changing, very literally, my life.


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