Monday, March 10, 2014

Done Deal by Rene D Schultz

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Wow, I am an avid fan of medical mysteries.  

This book is less focused on the medical side and has little if any mystery to it and still it reminds me of the genre.
We meet a woman of 49.  She is happily divorced.  She is gainfully employed and she loves what she does and she does it well.  Her two grown son's are both active contributing members of society.  She has a few very good friends and a bunch of quintessences.  
She also has cancer.

And so our story begins. With her coming to face her own mortality, having to deal with her family and friends and the treatment ....
It is via her friends and son that she finds an online community where she meets up with people within a chat room.  Hackers, mostly black hat some white hat hackers, all closely associated with cancer and it's effects.  She connects with them and one in particular...
Ok so that is enough of the plot.  Not really, but I hate spoilers and I need you to read this yourself.  

As for character development - a 4* read.  Sometimes I found the dialogue somewhat forced to be funny.  That said.  These are strong characters. People I would not mind to call friends.  And knowing a bunch of real life cancer sufferers I also know that to relieve the tension they often do engage in somewhat forced dialogue.
World building - 5*.  No graphic details but enough to not make me feel as if the author glossed and romanticized a killer disease.
Plot - 5*. Read it and you will know why.  It is fresh, new, old, comfortable and it flows naturally.  Don't believe me? Read it.
Theme - 5*.  Sometimes we find a legacy in places we never before knew where to look.  
Editing, cover and general writing style.  5*.

So why do you NEED to read it?  None of us is unaffected by Cancer.  This is not a pity party book.  It showcases some reality on a subject we would all rather avoid.  

Did I enjoy it? I read it in one sitting.  I could not put it down.  It did not immediately grab me but it did so soon enough that I simply could not put the book down.



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wanda for the stellar review! I am so pleased you read it and 'got it.' Our healthcare system is broken and Cissy finds a way to 'right a wrong for millions of others!'

    We've all been touch by cancer and everyone deals with it in their own way... Their common thread is that they are all 'fighters!' And that family and friends make a difference!

    The themes of all my books concentrate on strong characters who bring life to less than perfect circumstances they have dealt with in their life! My new on is soon to be released about a young woman that lives in Los Angeles and learns her biggest 'lesson in life.' --'beauty is only skin deep!'