Wednesday, March 05, 2014

We write CAUSE we care!

Morning, peeps.  

So blogging and me...not the best of friends.  At all.  Although I follow quite a few blogs, I myself rarely post apart from a review or some such.

If I post, it is a rant, cause somebody somewhere did somebody wrong.

This time, that is and is not the case.

This is about what we do -- we writers.  It is about why we do any of this.  And trust me.  It might seem like a breeze, I keep hearing I would like to write a novel one day when I have the time...or oh I would love to support other authors by reading and reviewing their books, but I am employed full time.  I have a household, 2.5 children, sometimes 1.8 children.  I have a side line business, a demanding partner and I write.  Right.  Guess what, all of the above is true for all of us.  Some of us take the time, make the time to help.  This however is not about books, well not only about books.  This is about passion.
Authors, poets, lyric writers, painters, sculptures all have one thing in common.  No not that all female artist's do not shave their leg hair.  No not that we all walk around high as a kite blaming our muses on the fact that we live in a closed off life, it is the exact opposite.  

Our passion for writing, creating, for making an impact and praying it is positive, informative, that it will mean something is passion.  We all share that.  We all share passion.  This passion does not close us down to the life around us.  It makes us open to it.  Open to so much more than people think we are aware off.  

This passion often finds a home in something like.... or click on the pic to go to this amazing site.

This is a cause that is close to the heart to one of my best friends in the Indie writing world Kelly Accinni.  She has a passion for animals and we both agree, people take a second place, maybe third to our earth and that which we were supposed to be looking after not force into extinction.

A click on this lovely pic will take you to Kelly's Facebook page.

Note. We are a bunch of passionate people involved in this ...our mission, not to take money from you.  No, our mission is to raise awareness, to share our passion and to perhaps educate.  That is why we are all doing this.  If you want to join us.  Click on the pic below.  

Now go have a look at the books J K Accinni has written, some of the revenue she makes goes towards her passion thus our name, We write CAUSE we care.

Click to go to Amazon.

This will take you to her Amazon author page.  This is not book one in her amazing series but it is the one most appropriate with this cause.

What in this world makes you passionate?
Share with us.  


  1. Thank you for helping to bring the plight of these beautiful animals to the forefront!

  2. OMG. This is so wonderful. Thank you so much, you amazing and gracious lady. I know if it were up to you, not a single wild and threatened creature would live any kind of life except for the life God intended. And not a single doggy would go without a warm bed and and someone to love. Alas, the road we have chosen is a long one with only simple small joys. But what they say is true. If you can only save one, go for it because it makes a BIG difference to THAT one!

    1. Oh I agree. Only I also disagree, we don't save them, they save us.

  3. Great post, I just had tore-blog. I feel terrible that I cannot read and review often but to share the passion I always try to promote as many authors as possible. A PASSION WE SHARE ....

    1. Thank you Catalina. As you know, blog posts are written within a space and time construct. I mention reviewing since it is such a fast way to assist. I however do know how many authors do so much more and turn the lives of other authors around completely. So forgive me for always harping on reviewing, I should change it to assisting. Passion my dear, is what made our paths cross.


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