Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Authors Allies Literary Group, and Associates presents : Ole Hallows Eve challenge.....

Authors Allies Literary Group, and Associates presents:

Do you like things that go bump in the night?

Do you like books?

Do you love winning?

Click on the pic to see what type of Kindle eBook could be yours!

Can you purchase an eBook? Read in in one night? Leave a review on Amazon?  If so you can win a book/books of your choice via Amazon worth $15.

If you can purchase but not read within a night..... then an eBook worth $5 could be yours.

If you can read and review but not purchase then we can supply a copy and you might walk away with a kindle book of your choice worth $5!!!!!

So what do you say?  

Are you up to the challenge?

Comment here, leave me an email addy and keep your eye on this blog.....

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