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Ten rules authors know and should stick to based on Grey's Anatomy the musical episode.

According to me this is the sexiest male in Grey's Anatomy....le drool.  Oh yes and click on the pic to have a listen to How we operate

How we operate

Ok since Grey's Anatomy is one of my all time favorite shows, and since the music event still gets played over and over and over again in my house…. I figured I should use the inspiration I get from the soundtrack when editing etc to share something with you guys.  So be prepared for a musical Grey's Anatomy writers blog.

First off.  Let's start with How to Save a Life.

t to be a professional, want to be treated as one, make sure that what you put on Social Media is not only part of your life story but also the company you work with, the editors, the publishing house the everything and make sure not to EVER as in EVER over share.  It might be your wall, your connection, your board.  Your everything, and that is fine.  Remember though that the public buys brand names.  If you make sure yours is a professional brand name I can guarantee people will treat you professionally, if not, well then, don’t spend more time explaining why your life sucks…..

This guys eyes......
If you click you can listen to Chasing Cars

Secondly.  Wait.
Wait for the dawn my dear…. and you will not wait too long.  Stop being so impatient.  Strop trying to get in quantity and let quality drop.  See How to Save a Life above.  You have only one opportunity to make a first impression and if you do not do it right the first time, waiting around for the second book to be better etc will not work.  So give your beta readers some breathing room.  Sigh over the editors own sweet take on revision time and WAIT.

Thirdly. How We Operate.
Calm down and get straight.  It is in our eyes and it is how we operate…Do not let others turn you inside out and upside down making you see things their way.  Find your voice.  Find your story and let go of a sparkly 200+ year ole' vamp who thinks a 17 year old girl is his equal and mature enough for life ever after.  Calm down and get straight.  And make US see things your way.

Ok so his eyes and his abs....

After Thirdly.  Runnin' On Sunshine.
Trip on sunshine girl.  Sympathy never ever lasts as long as diamonds or respect.  Make sure you demand one or both but never play the sympathy card on any social media site.  And a nice feel good ending…it never hurt much like chasing tail.  And boy this songs beat ROCKS.

Five.  Breath.
If the boy has not been sober since maybe October last year then do the Breakback Mountain line, and learn how to quit him. If the boy is a repeated editing mistake make sure to take notice.  It does not matter if you think it is beautiful to see the boy smile.  Your story needs a large appeal.  Make sure it is suitable for that.  So Breath.  Get rid of but, just.  Make sure you do not use run-on sentences too much and neither should you use more than one apostrophe EVER!!!!! Breath people.  Think.  Do not write like you talk, write what you find easy to read. 

Six.  Chasing Cars.
If you have followed my blog over the years you will know that I use this song to preach to all authors over and over not to chase star ratings on Amazon or any such a media platform.  Do you need reviews? Yes, is nice positive reviews nice? Yes.  Can it bite you in the behind? YES.  So stop chasing stars my friends.  Chase excellence. 

Seven.  The Story.

Eight.  Universe & U.
Well now.  Try going at this alone.  You will soon find yourself out in the cold pretty much where you started.  People will help.  We all do what we can.  And if that is not a review but an encouraging world…well then.  They sit with you so beautifully…you know I tell the truth.

Nine and ten.  Monster Hospital.
This people is your passion.  If the war won…pick another battle but don’t give up.

Yes this is how we operate.  

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