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September on Wanda's amazing Amazon reviewers!

This is what a bunch of us will be reading in September 2014 on Wanda's amazing Amazon Reviewers aka WaAr.

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My review:

Yesterday I made a mistake and referred to this book as Wild Hunt. It does not take a genius to figure out how my mind works.
The story is slow to start and it feels kinda like going home after some time. Once you are all settled in however everything starts to happen at once.

The twins are back. They are older, and they are a bit more experienced. The forest is beckoning as is young love.
And right here is where I break from the story to tell you that natural age progression of teenagers might sound easy but it is not something many and until yesterday I would have said any author apart from J K Rowling can pull off. Yesterday, when I read this the third book in the series, the girls sounded more grown up. Less angst ridden, more goal oriented and far more self reliant even though they still do not have a car.

Yes by the end of the book the reader encounters a really detailed though not graphic sex scene. The coming of age of two of the characters is necessary for the plot and is not brushed over or hidden behind. It is instead used to show the magic of young love and the flip side of lust vs love.

The editing is very well done, the cover is brilliant. The story is on the brink of leaving YA for NA and it does so, so naturally that it seems planned from the start of book one.

Still Hunt is a wild hunt, dangers galore, even a twist in the sense of an unexpected sense of chivalry from a not so nice character. Above all it is a story about love, between sisters, mothers and grandmothers, friends and lovers. Love for nature respect for self and others and hope.

A brilliant book. One I recommend you pick up today.

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Here is what I thought of the book.

Nights Embrace by Brandy L Rivers

With one book Brandy turned my prejudice against shifter stories on it's ear!
The book is everything I don't like. Well almost. It has explicit adult content, wolves...I love wolves but dislike any were animals apart from Jacob in Twilight. I mean seriously, who would go for cold and sparkly if they can have hot and hot?

Any way. The book does get starred down due to the adult content. It is seriously not for me but it gets a star up for the fact that it has a kick butt heroine. With a brother whom is sweet, a friend that cares and is not in competition and a hot, hot guy. Ok so he is older... A few hundred years older but he is also as humanly realistic as I have ever come across in a NA story like this. He is a mature male with bite.

Well edited, well plotted and character development is really very well done this book turned out to be a very welcome surprise!


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And our last book....

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Here is my opinion of the book....

As a debut story this is unique, informative and due to it's nature I was glad it was a short story. Emotionally packed stories like these often get dragged out beyond it's best before date and gets to be too much.
Enter the world of our main protagonist, a beautiful educated young woman with passion and dreams of a career.
Before any of this can happen she meets her soon to be groom. A short pudgy and rather distasteful young man.

Social norm's with expectations clashes with personal desire and pride. Our heroin soon finds that the money into which she is marrying is at once making her parents very happy for their daughter and simultaneously also making her father feeling like a failure. This contradiction is obvious but none of the characters come to a point where they question the validity of their original conviction.....this is a pivot point in the book and the cliff hanger ending leaves open so many unanswered questions.

This book needs editing, a bit of polish and a commitment to first person present or third person past. I would also have loved it if the author explained the significance of some of the name falls in the book together with many other aspects unique to the Indian culture. Still the originality, the contemporary issue and the passion of the author for the topic makes this book worth the read!


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  1. Thank you for the spot-on reviews, Wanda. (I love the 'Still Hunt' cover, too!) Your reviews do make me want to click and buy, and it definitely won't be the first time!


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