Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Why we write.

Paraphrasing Uvi Poznansky here in my title; The unbearable state of being an author.  Ok so it is a very touch and go paraphrase… still.  She uses a sentence a few times in her book Apart from Love that always make me take a moment, her sentence is about youth mine is about being….

And this is what we are; we are a people that will research a book for two decades, to wit The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan. We are a people that will give all proceeds to charity like Paulette Mahurin and J.K.Accinni.

We are a people that write about passion like ChristophFischer, people who write about stuff that goes bump in the night like BonnieBernard and Gillian Joy
We are however more, much more.  We are a people on a learning curve - it would seem this is a permanent state so I for one have come to terms with it.

We are lovers, friends, daughters, and sons.  We are human and sometimes we only bleed on the inside and that blood flows onto the pages we write.  The same ones with errors in it.  The ones where we don’t fix our tenses don’t use the correct word or use makeup words to fit us.
We are a people.  A village, a unity and yes, we have plenty of things that unite us.  More still that divides us.  So what makes us, us? 

J. H Glaze is the personification of a knight in shining armor. 

Duncan Mcgonall is an amazing well of knowledge and Michelle McCarthy is one of the most giving people I have come across.  Yes a lot of backbiting is on the go in the Indie world.  Yes a lot of back biting is going on in the main pub world.  Yes I can name an entire telephone book more of people who write, should be admired and often times feel slighted.  So again.  What makes us, us?  Why you.  Yes you the reader who sends us private messages asking for the next book.  Giving helpful hints and suggestions.  You are the glue that holds us together.  That unites us.  I often think readers and reviewers especially go by unnoticed and unappreciated.  The moment they leave their money / review they become a task accomplished ….only for Indie authors that is not true. 

Little is worth more in the writing world than a person that cares.  A person that supports.  This supports needs not be a glorious fan girl/boy response to every word we utter.  It only needs to be real.  Real people supporting real words that we stumble over scratch out and replace with wrong words.  The Indie world is far more a symbioses than most "worlds".  So why all this….Thank you.  Thank you for cracking the spine of the books we write.  Thank you for bending that page to read that sentence again.  Thank you for sending us messages saying 31% into the book we used the wrong spelling for our own Heroine (Becky Corwin-Adams) name…

Thank you.


  1. What a lovely article Wanda! (and fun images, too) Thank you so much for the mention :)

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    1. Thank you Brian! Also thanks for the share on Google +

  3. Awesome Blog Wanda!!! Best of Blessings!!!

  4. Love this post. Love ya'll. So many terrific authors and books to read. Doesn't get any better.

    1. I cannot wait to get my hands on your new book Paulette!

    2. Thank you so much! You helped me so much with your feedback. <3

  5. GREAT POST and so honored to be in such good company! You ROCK Wanda.

  6. Great post, Wanda! I agree with every word.

    Diane M. Haynes


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