Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Aaron Paul Lazar presents Double Forte
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The title, the irony is supreme.
I love good titles, very few turn out to be good, they may look good but fall flat in the plot or sub plot.  Not so this title.  The title alone needs to get a 5 start review but you will only get why I say this if I write a bunch of spoilers or if you take my word for it.  I suggest, take my word for it and read this book for yourself.
The cover.  Not one I would choose off the rack in a book store.  And after reading this book I know what a horrible mistake that would be but still, the cover does not work for me. So for the cover a 2 star.
Plot, sub plot and flow.
Superb enough to force up the cover to a 3 star since the flow is a 6 star all on it's own.  The plot is fast and a mix between a thriller, a mystery and a romance, light on romance heavy on the thriller as I like my romances.  The sub plot is rich and runs throughout the plot hardly noticeable until the very end.
The story itself, a grandad, one who loves his grandson to bits, adores his daughter misses his wife, a real life hero who does not know how to drop kick an assaillant, one who does not know how to short out an alarm system but can play Chopin like it is nobodies business and then with love fly his cape accross the landscape of so many peoples lives that the story full of hidden gems.
The end.  Oh my gimme another 5 stars. 
I will be reading more by this author, I suggest you get a copy yourself.
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