Saturday, June 20, 2015

Be a 21'er. Lets us all water our lawns. Let us grow.

I am the youngest of five children. My youngest closest sibling is an older brother who was a month away from his 11th birthday when I was born. He turned out to be completely his own person from the get go. He believed in visualizing your wants and needs long before such "new agey" ideas took hold in South Africa. He met plenty of people. He were very literally our high school jock...and if that was where his goals ended I would not be writing this. The people he met, friended, he picked their best aspects.  Looked at what drove these good character traits and learned those he did not possess himself.
Those traits which he could not learn he kept as an ideal.

So somewhere in February we were talking. And he said ; so I was asking my girls, what are your goals for end of March, end of June. Because if the March deadline is not reached they will be hard pressed to meet mid year goals. And that got me thinking...

So I jumped to it. Mentally. Took stock. Started.

Tomorrow the sun turns. Our summer is coming back, we have loaned it to the Northern hemisphere long enough now.

So in celebration I went outside. It is winter here and a cold one at that. But with the sun turning I am thinking my grass has rested long enough and I need to get every aspect of my life back to sunshine. My lawn and garden as well. Soooooo I was standing outside. Looking like an eskimo watering my lawn. And I recalled my dad, tomorrow is also one more fathers-day I would be thinking of him and not celebrating with him. He also adored the 21st. Really. And I never could figure out why. But I think I am starting to get two of the most important men in my life's personal ideologies.

Tomorrow signifies life. Change and in a way a clean slate. Now my dad hated gardening. Almost as much as I do. I love a lovely garden and being out in one but not doing anything myself to get a lovely garden. I get a few seconds every three months where I feel like doing something in the garden and I then eat a cookie and let the feeling go. But my dad loved watering the garden. He was often found standing outside watering away in his old own good time. As I was standing there I started to mentally take stock. Realized I made my half year goals. Some completely. Some I adjusted but I got them done better. Some I changed. And that was well...good. So I thought of my dad and It hit me, he was taking stock. Like I was. Watering your lawn is a very weird activity. It takes time. It shows results only in the long term. And unless you skip sections you can hardly water it faster than you are doing. Making this the perfect activity to think.

I achieved all if not in the original format, my goals. I even managed to accomplish a host of stuff I did not take into account in Feb. So for the next six months I plan to build on these goals. Work on some brand new goals and make my world larger, better. How will this affect you?  I plan to branch out in my on life undertakings as well. Explore more of my passions. Get more passions. Share my highs and lows.

And in my sharing I hope to inspire. I hope to be that person my brother used to make himself better, I already have so many people I am learning from. So here is what I challenge you with. Share with us how you expand your life. Better your life. And be the person who inspire others to build their goals upon. Be the person with that character trait we all need to learn to make our own.

Join me to make the change of the season the first day of the rest of this year. A clean start. A better start. A start with goals and personal growth.

Become a 21'er with me.

Let us take stock. Let us water our lawns. Let us grow so we can be the inspiration for others to grow.


  1. Loved your inspiration, Wanda. I also have a brother who became my spiritual inspiration. On on with the watering!

    1. Lol. Sometimes Charmaine I think this life is amazing. It is the very same brother that keeps bugging me to spend as much time on the outside of my house as I do on the inside.

  2. Thank you for your inspirational blog today, Wanda. When my wife, Ciba, died, I vowed that I would spend the rest of my life being the man that she so dearly loved and doing the things that would make her proud. I am happy to report that I think I am being succesful. I like interacting with people and treating them the way that I want to be treated. I go out of my way to appreciate the small things in life, never taking life for granted. Thanks again, Wanda, for your insightful words.

    1. Mike. How amazing is it when our hero's is actual hero's as well. I at times doubt my own perception. Then when I take a step back I see the bigger truth.