Thursday, June 11, 2015

No Martin Simons is not even getting a one star rating on my blog.

I keep telling myself I need to read broader.  Then I come accross something like this and I think, Oh Lord, please give me another sweet YA novel where the worst thing to happen is the bad editing.
Lets start at the start shall we.  This is the first ever 1 * review I have ever given to an Indie author cause I know how hard they need to work.

The cover is not bad and when the cover and the title is seen as a whole it holds some appeal.  So I requested a Netgalley copy.
The editing.  Fine, although a content editor would have probably have been able to make some changes which might have gotten two stars from me instead of a reluctant one star.  Seriously If I could I would give this book a 0 star rating.
The characters.  Michael, sounds like a fourteen year old girl.  Jenny sound like an 80 year old malicious Cruella De Ville... her daddy.  Good riddence.  Her M...Mother, and that M....Mother is through all of the book that I could force myself to read... by the way, her M...Mother is a tramp and should not have a child or anybody ever that she needs to look after.  The social worker, lock her up. NOW.  What she does is illegal, immoral and plainly stupid so at the very least please arrest her for being an idiot. 
As far as characters is concerned the only one that made a lick of sense is the escort Michael used to pay for services every Sunday night.  I kid you not, I hate Jenny, I hate Michael, I formed no link to any single character in this book.
The plot. Lolita and a Clock Work Orange without any grace, any cult classic appeal without much of a plot actually, girl seduces daddy.  Sex is love, she seduces poor ole' Michael, ten year her senior cause no body loves him, everybody hates him, he wants to go eat some worms.  Argh.  The language is crude and crass.  The world building non existant since I cannot trust a word from either of the main protagonists, so why would I see the world they see? 
The writing, not AS big an issue as the toppic and plot line but still a doozy.  Stocatto like, fractured sentences, a lot of the back story at the start filled with third person omnicient Jung like collective concious undetached voices.  It drove me nuts especially when our very annoying week little twirp of a hero talks to a dr or a nurse and he uses this same weird technique to obtain answers.... seriously? The dialogue throughout as a matter of fact needs to be written more realistlically.  When even Michael called Jenny, My love, my dearest my little sister I wanted to be sick.  Apparently Michael is not used to any human contact and by 30% of the book I knew exactly why his daddy could not stand the sight of him.  It was NOT the fact that he was a coward or a wimp or small and weak.  His daddy so the pervert in making from the start of that I am convinced. 
I never felt so much as an iota of sympathy for Jenny. Less for her daddy, none for Michael and I honestly hope I never meet any person in real life that even remotely sounds like any of these characters. 
The goal of this book.... to show human depravity and how lust is sex and sex is lust and that is about it.  Given, I am writing this on 68% and officially declare this as a DNF. 
I cannot finish this book.  I have no wish to finish it after reading a bit of the reviews here and I cannot think of a single person I would tell, hey you are a pedophile in training right? Read this book.  You will like it.
Nope, not for me. 
I am not being nasty by not giving an Amazon purchase link.  I simply cannot find it

Count the puppies above to see my star rating.

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