Friday, June 26, 2015

Chicken with kick ala Wanda

Remember a few days ago I told you I am branching out.  Well, join me on my new product review and recipe endeavour.

All tried and tested by myself, my friends and my pooches.

Have fun.

You will need
Fresh Basil

Feta cheese, I used a full circle but that is me

600 to a 1Kg of chicken.  I always use Woolworths chicken because it is simply the best I can find

One Knorr cook in bag, the sticky chicken wing

Now take chicken.  Use spice in Knorr bag to cover.  Place Chicken in bag.  Do not close bag, they say use one KG but.... you need and want to add this..

I added 2 x 250grams to my bag with

brown garlicked stuffed mushrooms, two per person.

Then I added the Feta Cheese, then used basil to basically cover my chicken so that it was blanketed and placed the dish in a pre heated over of 180 C.  The package of Knorr recommends a cooking time of 35 min and 10 min to roast but I added 20 minutes to the original time and 5 min to roast so in all I had my chicken in the oven for 70 Min.

It came out soft as can be and very tasty.

Got it?

Simple and unbelievably tasty.  It has a bite to it but suffering from ulcers etc I can tell you now it only warms up your soul not your tummy.

Do not get rid of the excess sauce.  We will be using it again soon!!!!

Have fun with this amazingly easy way to prepare a main meal. 

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