Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dr Who is asking...who are you?

Sooooo we are discussing the Who is who in my little Indie world.  Today I bring you Jenny Needham and her amazing blog, event and marketing company etc.
Have a look at the banner.  Click on it and you will see her blog.
Now if you page down.  Then you will see she and her partner offers all kinds of services.  They need reviewers, bloggers etc as well.  So make a turn.  Go see.  I know from experience that we all need a Jenny Needham on our side.  So take my word for it, you wont be disappointed.
Here is her Facebook page
By now you know.  Click on the pic to go and follow this amazing page on Facebook.
Any thing else you need to know, use the contact us particulars on the blog 
You cant go wrong with this woman. 

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