Monday, September 21, 2015

Now this is why almost nobody puts stock into Indie writing.

Hi.  I want to share with you a review and a free book link.  The book is short.  So download it and see if I am lying.

Ok, so I hear you.  WANDA, you hate erotica, this poor book should never have landed in your hands.  Yes I hate erotica.  I also do not like badly written stories that is a waste of time.

Now if you think I am being harsh, unfair... read it, it is short. Only 20 painful pages long. 

Here is the free link.

Ok so basically this author wanted to describe a sexy gay sex scene.  I am not sure if he accomplished this cause I was laughing too hard at the intro.

Picture this.  Department building -- living off of canned food for years.  Yeah, our boy must be a survivalist an urban one for he had enough and so did his neighbours so that he could go and steal theirs.  Now that is one thing but the jump between tenses in the intro totally told me the author had no interest what so ever to tell us a story.

His aim was the gay sex scene and basically he wasted my time trying to put it into a story format.  There is no story.  I know a lot of gay men and I know many of them is far better at romance than this couple....

The sex was ahm...boring.  I mean seriously, the world is ending.  Go wild. 
No.  This is one of those things written purely to push the publish button.  It needs an editor.  It needs a story.  It needs more than it has.  Lots more.

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