Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lynn Worton is how you really spell the word dedication.

This is a group photo of part of my family.  I am the one with the fish on my head.  Lynn is the one behind me keeping me from falling over.  To my right is Autumn Nauling, my left Lauren and next to her Christoph.  The diaper Moov is Wendy Steele and De Ann is the purple Moov with the pink jacket. 
Ok so today.... in our who's who of the Indie world, well, ok, MY Indie world it is my pleasure to introduce to you a true treasure.
Lynn and I met and about a day or so after (ALL OF THIS ON FB) mind you, I asked her to be an admin on my page.... she slept on it.  Came back, asked what I would need,  I slept on it.  I got back to her and before you know it this woman was running the page like a pro.  Seriously.  She is the BEST admin ever. 
Then I asked her, can you help me on my group... she slept on it.  Came back, said what do you need? I slept on it.  She is the best admin ever.
Then I contacted her.  Asked you are an editor correct can you edit a book for me?
She slept on it.  Came back, asked what do I need? I slept on it. and ....
I now have a whole bunch of very good authors whom are very happy. 
So do you need editing....
Follow her page on Facebook..  
Peace out.  Oh but before you go.  Put your hands in the air.  Like you don't really care. 
PPPS  We do not sleep that much.  Oh she does not,  I DO. 

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  1. lol I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this a million times. Especially the parts where you are both sleeping on it.... you gals are a hoot. And Lynn does an amazing job juggling everything that she does. Great spotlight.