Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog spot interview Samantha Combs

Hey all!  I’m happy to be guest-posting on Wanda’s little corner of the world today.  She has asked me to talk a little bit about the new genre I am embracing.  Up to now, I have been firmly planted in the supernatural/fantasy/paranormal section.  I have three of those published in the YA area.  But lately, a new love has crept into my heart……horror. 

This Friday, Musa Publishing is releasing my first foray into the Middle Grade genre, and with a horror story, nonetheless.  The Detention Demon is a contemporary horror story set in a Junior High School where a detention teacher is scrutinized for being perhaps something less than human.  Look for it on and all the regular ebook haunts.

But I am here to talk about another exciting trip to the terror-filled I have recently taken.  I self-published a collection of my short horror stories, along with a horror novella, called Teeth and Talons, A Horror Anthology.  Interestingly enough, each of the stories has had an auspicious beginning.

The first in the collection is The Ink Man.  About a tattoo artist who finds his creepy creations coming to life, it is a horror story, but it is also so much more a commentary on the horror that lies just under the surface of what you believe is normal.  It’s the ability to make the distinction that becomes important.  I got the inspiration for this one from our landlord, who told us about dating a girl with a lot of tattoos and on the same night, accidentally found myself watching L.A. Ink.  It was a short step from there.

The Robbery Countdown is a concept story.  I wanted to do something that would take the reader some time to figure out.  And I have always been fascinated by Asian monster lore.  Enough said.

The inspiration for Rock and Roll All Night is all my brother.  An accomplished musician, we were talking on the phone super late one night and he said there are only a few types of people that stay up as late as we do.  I asked who and he answered writers and rock stars.  After I finished convulsing with laughter, I added in, “Don’t forget vampires!”  I couldn’t get off the phone fast enough to start writing.

The last story is a nod to my mum, but for everything she isn’t.  The opposite of the over-bearing matriarch introduced in The Chair, her being the antithesis was my catalyst.  She was visiting from San Diego for the weekend and the muse grabbed me by the throat one Saturday morning. Our normal “Ross Dress-For-Less” run had to wait while I slammed out the story.

I hope this gives you a little taste of where my horror will take you.  And right now, Teeth and Talons will be FREE *echoes, free, free, free* for five days starting on Friday, Feb 10th through Valentine’s Day.  This is my present to you and a great way to introduce you to my writing and style.  If you like it, please check out my other books:  Spellbound, Everspell, Ghostly and the upcoming The Detention Demon.  Happy reading!



  1. Wanda, thanks for helping me spread the word about my freebie and my new release. Hope your fans and readers like them both!

  2. Hi Samantha, I still need to drop the link to the freebie on here now and then link it all on my page. Thank you so much for this I hope your friends will come on over and leave a comment as well. But I'll be right on over. Need to go fetch that link!!!!!

  3. It is free today only, remember to go and download! It is so worth it.


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