Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanda's world wievs and wamblings on self esteem

I need to wamble, not because I have something heavy on my heart but because I checked on my Blog stats and apparently my wamblings in doing way better than my reviews.  Not sure how I feel about that. 
So I was sitting here thinking, jeez, I have no complaints I want to air publicly, then I thought, wait a minute, I have no complaints whatsoever.  Hmm.  Now that is good.  I love that.  Who knew?  So that got me thinking about something else. 
Why do I need to sit and think about what annoys me before I realize that I am happy?  Happy is such a fluid emotion. But, mostly I am happy.  So that leads to another thought.  The one other thing that is fluid and which is never - ever realized as such is self esteem.  Now, you guys know this, you only do not really realize you know this.  But it is true. 
I can wake up in the morning, get out of bed and before I even pass a mirror I will know I look like crap and that the left over dinner I had last night added at least 3Kg.  The fact that I had that exact same dinner two nights ago and it did nothing negative to my weight is not a point to ponder now.
So I'll do what needs to be done and then I will go to the closet to pick out an outfit for the day.  Whoop pee.  Guess what, the outfit I wore last week for THAT meeting, that fit perfectly, made me look and feel like a million bucks now makes me look rumpled and fat and generally undesirable.  Whoopee.  So now what? Aah well, I am late for work so no redo's and off I goes.  The rest of my day will follow the same route as the morning and by the time I take off this stunningly ugly outfit that evening I will be miserable and fat and ugly and nobody loves me so I will now go and eat some worms.
Low and behold, the very next morning I wake up, do what needs to be done, get an outfit that two weeks ago was a bit iffy, get dressed, look stunning, feel like a million bucks and leave home feeling as if I could run the world for a day as the best world runner ever!!!!! So what has changed?  My worm eating result in an instantaneous drop in dress size? My outfit maybe went through some miraculous change and all of a sudden the commercial on my softener came to bear fruit, my colors are brighter and my white's whiter.
So my point? Well its simple, are our language and our culture limited to such a degree that I need to explain this to all, especially teenagers all the time.  Why are we told - you have a good self image and not that mostly you have a good self image.  I am an introvert by nature.  I am not however shy which by the by is another discussion but my entire life everybody comments on me being outgoing and as having a very good self esteem.  So in my teens I started to figure this truth out for myself, but loads of people have not. 
Is our culture doing us harm or good with these absolute statements?  You tell me.


  1. Our culture has a lot to answer for, making many people believe that if they are not a certain size or type that we are not perfect. No one is perfect, everyone is different why does society and culture feel the need to promote the "perfect" look/size, when 99% of the world is never going to conform to these standards, and will never be able to attain them. Live and love yourself for who you are no matter what, you will never be something you are not. Just be comfortable in your own skin, and be happy with how you look and who you are.

    1. Hear hear. But I am really starting to get p'ed off with absolutes. It is absolutes with everything. Why? So that in some way or another you always feel as if you short something. You never absolutely conform. And why are we so willing to conform to somethings and then yell fire at the next. I sometimes wonder if we ever have a rational thought. And I mean all of us. Marilyn Monroe is the sexiest woman alive, she has THE beach bod and she weighed more than I do when the pic was taken, I will die rather than be seen in a swimming costume. I really think we need to re think a few "known" truths.