Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here a YA paranormal romance for all ages

Milo Mitchell's life used to be charmed, but that was before her family dissolved, she went a little crazy, and her best friends started acting more like strangers. Spending Saturday morning in a treehouse with a stun gun for company and a herd of deer for friends is the only exciting thing in her life...until she shoots a fawn and finds her dart stuck in a guy.

Her gorgeous victim is dressed in a Brioni tux and armed with a hanky. He has no idea who or where he is. Afraid her dart caused his amnesia, Milo takes him in, names him Nick, and vows to help him solve his mystery. Soon the pair find Nick's face in a newspaper obituary, and Nick beings to have strange, ethereal memories of Milo--who is sure she's never met him. Suddenly Nick knows things he shouldn't know and is doing things he shouldn't do. When the Department of Defense shows up, Nick and Milo run--toward a shocking conclusion that could destroy both their worlds
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Wow, I had so much fun reading this book.  It is fast paced, logical and the characters blazed on the page.  I have rarely found a book where both the main characters are brought to life in such a vivid way.  Milo's pain and loss is real and understandable.  Most readers would be able to relate to her.  Nick is . . . drool worthy, not a word? Who cares?  He is sweet, attentive, a looker and he is smart.  REAL smart which, for me made him even more attractive.
This is supposed to be a YA romance / paranormal romance but let me tell you.  At the age of 37 Lucy Jordan would sure have loved it.  I know I did, and I am a bit wee older.  I am sure that the YA paranormal readers will also fall in love with it. 
The adventures of Milo in the presence of Nick are action packed and fast.  It remains possible though.  Milo relies as much on luck to survive as skill and finds out quickly that she might not have the necessary skills.  She manages to make the most of her skills to try and save her and Nick.  She falls apart in adversity but only after she is confronted with the true debts of her problems.  She never remains beaten though.
Nick.  Wow, he sounds delectable, I am sure that a woman of my age should not be turned on by a high school guy but I tell myself it is because I see him through the eyes of a high school girl.  Yummy.  Well let me stop now.  This might start to sound a bit weird if I carry on much longer. 
I keep saying that I am going to be more critical in my reviews but my only critique in this book is that it ended and that I don’t have immediate access to the rest of the story.  This is the first book penned by this author that I have read but be sure it will not be the last.  I adored the story and have a very soft spot for Milo. 
I give this a 7 out of 5 star rating, I would recommend it, walk around with it, heck I drove with my Kindle in the car for incase I had a second to spare and I would definitely buy it for my nieces whom, I am sure, would love it even more than I did. 

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