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Blurb via Goodreads:

In SLEEP STALKERS, Dee’s solitary existence is suddenly shattered when a demon army’s invasion becomes imminent and, as each night passing draws our world closer to disaster, she fights to fulfill fate’s astonishing plans for her and realign the balance between love and tragedy.

A new plague is ravaging the country, but the infected are not so much sick as they are homicidal. Demons have begun escaping their prison and found a way into our world through the slumbering minds of humans. As their ranks expand with incredible speed, it falls to Dee to halt their invasion. Rather unexpectedly she finds herself paired with two others of her kind, each struggling with the paths set before them. Dave, a father who has lost his child, and Luke, the one person who may be able to save her soul. Together they help her delve into the very core of evil that plagues the country and, through bloodshed and heart break, realize just far they’ll have to go to save that which they love the most

Review via me:

Review of Sleep Stalkers by Jacki O'Dierno
Structurally this is an excellent story, sticking to logic in the fantastical world of demon hunting.  The book has vivid murder and mutilation scenes and contains some sex scenes as well as a very limited, though appropriate use of profanity.  The sexual content is not explicit and should not be cause of alarm to younger readers.  On Goodreads it is described as - Urban Fantasy, paranormal, horror
What a fantastic read.  In retrospect the book started slow.  Although it never dawned on me once I started it.  But as I progressed and the reader was taken from one highlight to the next I came to realize that the murder in the first three pages was a slow build up.  Who knew?
I fell in love with the story and the fresh new perspective running through it all.  It reminds at stages strongly of the series Supernatural, at others it reminds of the series Alias and at others still of Romeo and Juliet.
The love story is extraordinary; the female main character Dee is a fully formed character that is all too human even in an extraordinary fashion.  Lucas the main male lead is human and excels primarily only in his love for Dee.  David is the strong peripheral character that serves as a catalyst of many a situation within the book all the while acting towards everybody as the strong male father figure.
The story in principle is that since the human race has lost hope, they fell into a state of despair.  This despair opened the gates of Hell, allowing demons to enter bodies of unsuspected humans whom, whilst being possessed relish in killing.  Certain individuals cannot be used in such a manner by these demons and it is up to them to try and fight back against and overwhelming force.  Dee, Lucas and David are three such minions.  They and others like them fight a losing battle daily. 
I loved how the author logically progresses the reader from one to the other argument explaining not only the existence of the demons but also of the minions and the reason behind these two opposing forces'.  This book has more than a mild undercurrent of religion in it.  Although Christianity is the main source of conversation in the book it is by and large not the only religion mentioned or used.  I loved the ability of the author to write an amazing story critiquing main stream politics and the marginalization of religion on the one hand and the use of knowledge, faith hope and love to combat evil.
Even after staying up a few hours later than my normal bed time to finish the book, once in bed, I kept replaying scenes and dialogue in the book, wondering if it could end in any other way.  I fell asleep thinking of this book.  Orthodox Christian readers should not be offended by anything in this book, followers of a different faith than that of Christianity will definitely not feel marginalized or offended either.  The book does not preach to the reader, it serves to inform and entertain.

I give this book a 7 out of 5 ***** review.  I would recommend this book as a must read to everybody.  It was interesting, engaging and somewhat of a reality check.  That combined with the fact that it made me rethink some of my own choices makes this an absolute brilliant read.  Oh and to the faint of heart, a word of advice.  Keep the light on……….

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