Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Review of Spellbound by Samantha Combs

Logan Daniels has always led a sheltered life in sleepy, predictable Lancaster, New Hampshire. But when beautiful Serena suddenly appears at school one day, his comfortable existence becomes anyt...hing but as he finds himself falling in love with her. There’s something special about Serena Starr. He realizes what it is when he sees her unleash her spells. Soon, a mysterious and foreboding presence settles over his placid home.

Logan and Serena find themselves battling darkness and evil with an ominous mission: it wants Serena and will stop at nothing to have her. Tearing apart Logan’s town, threatening his friends, even causing harm to his family, the demon will spread its doom over every facet of Logan’s once placid life. Logan matures in ways he could never have imagined as he struggles to protect those he loves, including Serena. But he can't do it alone.

Serena hails from a long line of able and powerful women who will aide in the battle and perhaps settle a score of their own. The strength of the coven and Serena's love will be behind him, but ultimately this is Logan’s fight to win. But, will he?

Review 5 out of 5

Logan Daniels's quiet existence in Lancaster, New Hampshire is disturbed by the arrival of Serena Starr and her sisters. Logan finds himself falling in love with her. There is something special about Serena; she is a witch. When a mysterious and foreboding presence settles over his home, Logan and Serena find themselves fighting against an enemy with an ominous mission: it wants Serena and will stop at nothing to get her. Can Logan and Serena, along with her coven, stop the demon before it destroys the town, their friends and Logan's family?

I loved this story! It is a love story, but it is told from different points of view; each chapter is dedicated to a different person. Some people would disagree with me, but I think this gives the reader a fuller understanding of the feelings and emotions of the characters. Logan is a charmer! He is the boy next door. I love his thoughts - they made me giggle on occasion! His sister Jade is also a fantastic character. When he meets Serena however, Logan knows there is something different about her, but he doesn't know what it is. Serena is a witch, along with her sisters. She is a fascinating character. Although she is only a teenager, she is very mature. Logan has to do some serious growing up in this book, but he does so with aplomb! There is a surprising twist at the end of the book that I didn't see coming, but it made me cheer!
Samantha Combs has written a fantastic YA book that will appeal to everyone who loves romance/action adventure. I highly recommend this book. - Lynn Worton

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  1. I have this book on kindle!! great review.

  2. It is on my Kindle as well. Still need to find time to read it.....