Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peer Inside my Soul and See Me buy De Ann Townes Jnr

Peer inside my soul and see me
By De Ann "Native" Townes Jr
When the author first approached me to read and review her poetry book I was very hesitant.  Poetry, you see, is not my forte.  So I tried to convince her that I am not the person she should entrust this book to.  She however told me that if I am alive, I am more than qualified to read her book and to review it.  The act of living is after all the only thing, according to the author that I needed to fell an informed decision on her work. 
I was petrified.  My knowledge of poetry is minimal to put it lightly.  My love is with fiction not poetry.  So at first I kept on putting off the reading of her book.  I felt overwhelmed.  Then when I finally started it I was overcame but the sheer beauty and hope captured in so very little words.
It turned out the author was correct.  If you are alive, lived through what normal mortals live through you are able to read and enjoy this book.  With poems with titles such as Like Bonnie and Clyde, Misunderstood and Haunted Dreams and Midnight Screams, I was soon drawn into the life of the author.  As her title suggests this is truly a deep soul bearing compilation of poetry.  But it is not only her soul she bears bare.  It is a universal expression of life, love and loss.
I was delighted with the art in the book and found myself paging back again and again to peer at it.  I've read the book three times now.  Not so that I could have something to say, but because after every read I find the book has even more to share with me.  I would highly recommend this book to anybody who loves words.  The author's ability to use normal, everyday language to create the most amazing of images and emotions is a true form of art.
I give this book a 5 ***** review rating and would like to thank the author for not taking my first no as my final word on the matter. 


  1. That was such a wonderful review. I also read her book and enjoyed every word that has been written.DeAnn is one author I can truly say writes from her soul..

    1. Thank you Crystal. It is a nice book to read, poetry is not my stron point but I loved her use of words.

    2. I don't know how I missed this!!! Gracias Crystal for such wonderful y kind words. They are much encouragement for me. Blessings always mí amiga!!!

  2. Each tiempo I read this review feels just like the first tiempo, sonrisa...gracias for not saying No a second tiempo mí amor, sonrisa...