Monday, March 12, 2012

Crystal Cattabriga
Shattered into Pieces
Blurb via Goodreads
Shattered Into Pieces is a true story based on events that took place in my life. A man I once called dad and trusted was now the man I was trying to escape from. Would I ever be able to deal with what was coming next? The shocking truth of who he really was and what he really did will leave you stunned. Find out how I survived and found closure to the life I knew and now left behind once and for all
My review
I thoroughly loved reading this book.  It does not really read like a book or a story though.  It feels as if you and a platonic friend are at a bar after work and one or two glasses of wine extra is flowing.  Once you start the book you'll know what I mean.  In this book Crystal tells the reader what it was like growing up and older with a family secret so horrific that few would ever talk about it.
In my life I have often wondered how it must be for the child of say Michael Jackson, growing up with the media blasting rumor fueled by rumor time and time again.  Nobody will ever really know, but some insight is given in the reading of Shattered into Pieces.  Remember when I started this review; I said that it is more like a confession of a platonic friend.  Well I can guarantee that once you have finished the book you will feel as if you have known Crystal for a few years and that you now know more about her as a person than you might your own sibling.  Not only that, but I can guarantee that you will have a very deep founded respect for her.  The way she dealt with her problems are all very human but in the end she came to a point where she felt secured enough in her own right as a women that she felt she could and should share this story.
This is not an overly emotional story.  It is a story told in the first person but although she conveys her sentiments and reactions she does not over burden the reader with an excess of emotion.  This is really not an easy read in the conventional sense.  But it is truly a worthwhile read. 
I give this book a five star review and commend the author for giving me some glimpse as to the effect of abuse on a family and the children specifically. 
This is not my first read by the author and although her book Saving Bobby is in a story format and thus more conventional that this book, I loved the book sincerely.  Crystal has managed to make me into her biggest fan with two very different styles of writing and I personally cannot wait to read more books by this author.
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  1. Wow - Crystal sounds like a very brave woman. Thanks for a good review :)

  2. Thanks for dropping in Melissa. Crystal is and I have always loved and admired her. Now I know why I love and admire her so much.