Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Charmaine Pauls brings a miracle and a bit of magic to us all with this book!

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A Miracle For Christmas by Charmaine Pauls

Michael Slanders is an everyday kinda bloke.  He loves children and he loves to help out people when he can and at times even when he cannot.  This is awarded with him being sacked from work a week before Christmas and he has to explain to his dying mother why they will be losing the house she lived in her entire grown life.  It also leads him to make a new friend.  Scruffy an Africana dog with a keen sense and a heart as big as the hole in Kimberley.

Why the reference to Kimberley? The book is set in Johannesburg, South Africa and it made me proud to read such a well crafted story set in my very own back yard.  The author might live abroad but she has not forgotten boerewors or a good braai aka barbeque. 

Ok so this is a short novella or novelette.  It is a feel good story with an amazing twist and turn that brings Mike to what he needs and not what he wants and all this with the help of one little scruffy mutt that he fed with the last of the money he had!

As far as Christmas stories goes this is a must read.  It has no overtly spiritual connotation in its stead it is filled with good morals and a road map of how to live life to serve others and not yourself.  That in itself brings Mike to many a glorious find although he knows no other way of living so for him it is not a cosmic reward system in the working it is the way of things.

A really nice, sweet fast read and a must read for any dog lover, Christmas time lover, people lover and feel good feeling lover.


 -- yes count the puppies for the star rating  --  read and all proceeds goes towards a charity for animals. 


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