Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Jewel Box. A gem of a read.

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When I started this book I was a bit nervous about the setting and the implication of where the story started for the general theme of the book! Turns out I was both correct and wrong. The book starts out in a top-less bar but it is in no way an erotic story. Frankly it has no scenes in it that might offend. So this fear was negated. I was however correct in the setting becoming a theme although the theme was one of hope, love and bumpy starts true to real life.

 The characters are mostly well formed and the reader gets to know the true nature of the main character by her interactions with other characters. I loved this since never do the author assume I should love her characters because she does. In the end you get to know a person not a book character.

So why only a 3* rating? For I know talent when I see it and I look forward to see this talent grow and explore more! I will be waiting to applaud all new offers with higher star ratings and even more respect!


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