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Heart of Rock by Becca Price

Heart of Rock by Becca Price

Book Description
 April 8, 2014In the distant past, a city of wizards was menaced by horrible Night Mares. The wizards carved hideous gargoyles out of stone, bringing them to life using the magical Heart of Rock, to defend their city. Now the Heart of Rock is needed to save another kingdom, and one brave cobbler must find it. But the gargoyles cannot live without their talisman; will the cobbler's quest to save his kingdom doom theirs? "Heart of Rock" is three interconnected short stories that look at the question: when one questing hero finds a magical amulet, what happens to those who've lost it?

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My review

Ok so the story, told in three acts is exceptionally good, it contains facets of folklore, fantasy, fairy tales etc and the writing is not so helter-skelter that the reader spends anytime on trying to fit the book into a genre classification.  This is exceptional for I have found in reading that plenty an author has at times too many facets within a story or plot line making my mind go ---- WAIT --- I need to find a niche for this.  Not so with this book.  It is exceptionally low keyed and at the same time defined.  Not an easy task I am sure.

The plot line, the three acts, all works toward making this story easy and open to all ages, from young readers to old will have fun with the story line/plot line and even the theme of the book.

The character development is extremely subtle though consistent and I loved this.  What can I say? This is an amazing author, BUT do not take my word for it....get a copy and judge for yourself. 


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