Monday, May 05, 2014

Monday musts according to Wanda

Ok for our first ever Monday Must, go read more about -- without a shadow of a doubt my favourite South African author Malla Duncan on her blog by clicking on the pic.

Click on the pic above to buy one of her amazing books.  

Second Monday Must
 go enter go enter go enter

Click on the pic to go enter on Fabulosity Reads.  

Two $$huge$$ review rafflecopters going on. One is pinned at Books, books and more books ( Aileen Aroma)and one at Fabulosity Reads (Wendy Ewurum. Tons of Kindle Fires and $$big$$ cash!! Check them out!! 

Enter Aileens raffle here

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  1. I am always greatful to find new African writers. I will be checking Malla out right away! Thanks. Wanda.


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