Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Product review....a chair from Heaven.

So I   .....

Wanda Hartzenberg has a very strong philosophy in life...Why stand when I can sit, why sit when I can lie down.... thus I went on a search for the perfect chair....nope I am lying.

I wanted to replace my entire living room set.  Have hoped to do it by now but due to ten thousand things, MONEY being THE biggest thing, I have not gotten to it.. So two weeks ago, while trying to get a replacement phone I told a friend, lets go walk around in THIS store since I know I willllllll NOT be spending money here.... and then I saw it.....

If I were any good with lights etc I would have put it on a cloud, added some cherubs and a man playing some type of musical instrument only half dressed...I degress.  So I sat down, fell in love and wanted THIS chair.  No others sat like THIS one.  I did not buy it.  How could I.  It is NOT cheap.  But it took me less than 12 hours to move up, around, down and to the side things in a budget that is budget only in name to make it work.  So on a Thursday, I had a new chair in my living room.  Since the mechanism that makes it so brilliant to kick out on.....

Click on the pic to go to a website where you can learn more.  

Now..... my living room is not used to such massive furniture.  I arranged it the best way I can to get it to look nice, it is not perfect.  What is however is that both me and my doggies LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this chair.  And even though Stephen King keeps telling writers NOT to watch television while writing especially, I must say that I am SOOOOO cheating... As for reading......brilliant.  

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