Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Next month on Wanda's amazing Amazon reviewers.

So this month WaAr took a break.  But July brings us three more amazing authors.....wanna know who?
Well I am sure you do.   So here goes....

Christoph Fischer brings us Time To Let Go, read the blurb via Amazon here....Oh and click on the pic to get your free copy today!!!!

Time to Let Go is a contemporary family drama set in Britain. 

Following a traumatic incident at work Stewardess Hanna Korhonen decides to take time off work and leaves her home in London to spend quality time with her elderly parents in rural England. There she finds that neither can she run away from her problems, nor does her family provide the easy getaway place that she has hoped for. Her mother suffers from Alzheimers' disease and, while being confronted with the consequences of her issues at work, she and her entire family are forced to reassess their lives. 

The book takes a close look at family dynamics and at human nature in a time of a crisis. Their challenges, individual and shared, take the Korhonens on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Our second book....

Uvi Poznansky brings us our second book and I am sure it is again poetry in motion.  Here is the blurb...

Here is the story of David as you have never heard it before: from the king himself, telling the unofficial version, the one he never allowed his court scribes to recount. In his mind, history is written to praise the victorious—but at the last stretch of his illustrious life, he feels an irresistible urge to tell the truth. In the first volume, Rise to Power, David gives you a fascinating account of his early years, culminating with a tribal coronation. Rooted in ancient lore, his is a surprisingly modern memoir. 

In an era of cruelty, when destroying the enemy is deemed a sacred directive, the slayer of Goliath finds a way to become larger than life. His search for a path to power leads him in ways that are, at times, scandalous. Notorious for his contradictions, David is seen by others as a gifted court entertainer, a successful captain in Saul’s army, a cunning fugitive, a traitor leading a gang of felons, and a ruthless raider of neighboring towns who leaves no witnesses behind. 

How does he see himself, during this first phase of his life? With his hands stained with blood, can he find an inner balance between conflicting drives: his ambition for the crown, his determination to survive the conflict with Saul, and his longing for purity, for a touch of the divine, as expressed so lyrically in his psalms and music?

And last but certainly not least....Helen Christmas brings us Same Face Different Place!

The blurb via Amazon....

16 year old Eleanor had no idea her father was involved in organised crime. But then came the turf war - the threat of a deadly rival - and the promise of revenge which would eventually force Oliver into hiding. 

Left to the mercy of dangerous people, Eleanor knows her life is spiralling out of control. But on the night she plans her escape, she stumbles across a mysterious prisoner. His name is Jake, he is a rock musician from Holland - and he has a contract on his life. 

A daring escape across London eventually draws them into a place of hiding - before Jake's own chilling story gradually begins to unfold. He is the one vital witness to a sinister scene leading up to the death of a British MP and now those responsible want him silenced. As two people, thrown together by fate they develop intense feelings of love for each other - and it does not take long for Eleanor to realise, that she will do anything possible to keep Jake alive. 

Beginnings is a powerful love story, set in the dark criminal underworld of London, of two people whose powerful love bond will keep you turning the pages, as they live on a knife edge, desperate to escape the deadly enemies who stalk them.

So happy reading.  And if you are a reviewer.  Want to read free copies in turn for an honest review on Amazon, then please join us on FB.  

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