Monday, June 30, 2014

To be a female cop in the 1970's in Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Honestly, this is another of those authors that I have a love / hate relationship with.  I loved Triptych, not so much Thorn in my Side.  

Never the less, when this book became available on Netgalley to review I could not click that request block fast enough

Set in the 1970's this book is amazing in setting the reader in an era that most people lived in, few tried to start a new life in it...well unless you are now 60 +.  

The racism, the anti gay sentiments the discrimination against woman in the work force, especially as a police woman is something the author made come to life with a clarity that took my breath away.

I simply can not imagine working in that age, and in the same breath it is scary to see how little the world has really moved on since the 70's.  

I loved the fact that our main protagonist does not have a handle on EVERYTHING in her life.  She is learning on the job.  Working for respect and I also adored the fact that some of the information she obtains is not relevant immediately.  She is not a superwoman that puts everything together withing a second or two.  No, she has to go through the motions.  Learn how to recover from walking into a wall, learn how to pull her gun.

An amazing book by this author and I would recommend you pick up your copy as soon as it is available!


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