Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Whisper from the Woods by Pete Turner

About the book:

A supernatural thriller about a therapist who’s demonically induced nightmares uncovers a supernaturally powered serial killer’s dumping ground in the woods behind his house. It’s an intense thrill-ride of suspense and addictive story of unspeakable horror. Be ready to pray when you hear, "Hello, my Chosen!" the frightful judgment that comes as a Whisper from the Woods. Part 2 of the Noche Files

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My review

This book truly is a Christian horror story. Do not mistake it for a toned down approximation. 
The horror is real, the spiritual war fare is intense and it seldom gives up or relents.
The plot is brilliant, the authors knowledge of the bible and verse content in relation to the big picture is impressive BUT....yes you knew it was coming. But.
The first person present tense narrating style got to be too much for me at times. Were it not for the brilliance of the plot, the amazing characters I might have given up on the story. 
I am glad I did not, and I understand why the author chose this style but I had real trouble with getting immersed in the book at the start due to his choice.
Not for the faint of heart. I would still recommend it highly though.

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