Monday, August 04, 2014

Abducted: A Sara Cooper Novel by Petra Richartz purchase link

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About the book: 

Sara Cooper is a detective with San Diego PD investigating a series of abductions. A couple of children have disappeared without a trace. When one of these children is found dead, the situation spins out of control. The case keeps twisting and turning and becomes a real personal ordeal for Sara. She soon doesn't know whom she can trust anymore or which of the many leads she should follow up on. Somebody is playing a perfidious game with her that she has no chance of winning … 


Abducted: A Sara Cooper Novel by Petra Richartz

This is a translated book, and at first this made me stop and rethink my choice of reading this book.  I need not have worried.  The translators did a brilliant job in keeping the story alive while the author did an amazing job in taking us into the psyche of a police woman who has basically lost everything due to her dedication to her job, almost.  Then her work and her private life collides in a set of circumstances that was as chilling as entertaining.

I recommend this book to all lovers of this genre.  You will be entertained.


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