Wednesday, August 06, 2014

On Shadowed Wings (An Ash Grove Short Story) by Amanda DeWees

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Blurb via Goodreads

In this short story set in North Carolina, high-school senior Gail and college student Jim are drawn together on Beltane night when they team up to seek a mysterious butterfly hatching--and save a little girl from danger.

My Review

On Shadowed Wings (An Ash Grove Short Story|) by Amanda DeWees

This story is a full story even if it is a prequel to the series.  Having read some of the books in this series I can tell you now that this is a perfect kick off point to an awesome series. 

The author took a world almost visible from the corner of your eye, made it real, gave it gravity and added joy and sorrow to it all the while keeping it magic.  Keeping it within and without our reach.  While your reading, this world is as real as the one in which you take a sip of tea.  When you put the book down to find your tea has gone cold, you want….no need to return.  Brilliant.


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