Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday Tattles

Come on now people.  Admit it.  Reviewers work hard.  We build up pages, read and review like mad people.  Build up blogs etc all so that when we post a review by an author we get them some attention.  Facebook is not helping us by hiding our posts.  So blogs are what we are left with.... 

So we are going about.  Doing what big bloggers say we must to get more followers.  We try.  Trust me we do. 

In the end the following pic possibly best describe us...

We look like mad people trying to get some attention.  Any attention.  The results is usually not really worth the trouble, but we don't give up.  Our passion makes sure we do not rest until we don't accomplish something.  

Why is that? I know most authors say they have no time to read and write...ok.

I know authors feel as if we are mean when we tell them we cannot take on their book for review...ok.

But is it that hard to follow a blog? To support a reviewer by following a blog? Really?

Here is a blog by my friend Lynn Worton.  

Now not only does Lynn run her own page and blog, she is invaluable to me in almost every aspect of my book life in the public eye.  So be kind, click on the pic and go and follow her page.  A lot of hard work goes into such a blog.

Here is another of my friends.  She works as hard.  And she really also needs support.  So how about it? Click on the pic and follow her blog.  

Now show Joyce Wehterbee some love by doing what I asked above.  

Now let me show you a blog by a man that does more for authors than any person I know.  Then think if you would like to support him as well.  

Yes that is what Christoph Fischer looks like.  Now click on the pic and go and see how actively he promotes authors all the while busy writing his 5th book working on the final stages of his fourth.....getting where I am going with this?  

So how about it....can you show some support?

Please don't make us beg..... look at this poor chap...


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