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Broken by DM McDaniel

Broken by DM McDaniel
Blurb via Goodreads
Solomon is broken. Well, that is what her ex-husband told her numerous times after discovering she could not conceive. After catching her husband in bed with another woman, she returns to her hometown, Rock Hill, SC, and starts her life over as a medical biller hell bent to remain in her safe little bubble, ruled by her Siamese cat, Izzy.

Everything is smooth sailing in her protective bubble. Solomon is content to cut off her man-dar switch and live a life without worrying about a man breaking her heart...until a mysterious new neighbor moves into the house that has been vacant since her elderly neighbor passed away four years ago. Then a new physician starting at her office has his sights on her.

Both men know the secret behind Solomon's broken life. Will she be able to handle the news

My review
This book was gifted to me as a birthday present.  What a present it turned out to be.  The author starts her book with witty commentary on the life of a divorcee with emotional scars.  Intrigue soon finds her and with it danger.  But which of the sudden mysterious men in her life is dangerous? Might it be a man from her past? Might it be a woman?  The intrigue swifts to real danger and brand new challenges.  The wit and irony of the author in her dialogue however does not disappear.  I love this authors way with language and the characters interior dialogue had me snickering at times and at others laughing out loud.  This is truly a delightful read.  One warning though, although not an erotic novel a sensitive reader or a minor might not find this book appropriate.  I have no personal preference towards erotic or explicit writing but I was not offended or put off from the fact that the author wrote in a scene or two, hot enough to fog up your glasses! 
I love recommending good books to avid readers and with this one I discovered an entire new rating.  A seven star rating which in future will mean that I finished reading a book and could not wait to get to write a review so that I could tell everybody to go and read this book.  I absolute adored the story and can simply not wait until the sequel is written.  As a matter of fact, I am not following this author as a fan on Goodreads!  Why, cause I want to read her next book.  And so will you.

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