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The Vampire Diaries TV series one and book two.

The Vampire Diaries, book two; The Struggle by L.J Smith narrated by
Oooooooo Kkkkkk, so when I first started the series I was filled with hope. It was soon squashed like a bug.  Gillian, author of Guardian and Forever warned me that since my feelings towards book one is one of horrified disgust, I should probably stay clear from the rest. "It gets worse", she told me.  But I, friends, family and assorted readers, I am a masochist.  I need to know why this book series was made into one of the most popular TV series.  That and the fact that I have the first 6 books on audio, bought and paid for. 
So book two.  What to say, what to say.  It is well written.  Upon Elena's question as to whether Stephan has a reflection in a mirror he explains, blah, blah, blah "You are my mirror.'  Very cool sentence.  One! Very cool sentence.
So now you know the positive, here is the not so positive.
Here is the rest.  Remember the scene in the first series where THE BLOND goes all self pity and turns to Matt in a drunken stupor telling him that she is as shallow as a fish pond.  Well if she is as shallow as a fish pond then Elena, in the books is as shallow as goldfish bowl, those small, inhuman ones, the ones you can fill with the same amount of water as you would fill a cup of coffee with.  Bonnie is portrayed as dumb.  It really gets on my nerves; she has a sister, woo hoo.  Bonnie is about as flat as a piece of post it.  Her sister, seriously, I know why she is an only child in the series.  Now here is the one thing that gets on my nerves almost as much as Elena and her shallow goldfish mentality.  I do not get this.  So we have Elena, in her single minded pursuit of Stephan.  She wanted him, without knowing him, she got him.  So here is a question, when does want turn to a love that conquers all?  I have no idea, do you?
I gave book one a four star review.  I am now onto an epic question, does writing the worse possible characters in history as the hero's and heroins constitute a bad book?  Oh yes.  I give this a two star review.  One star for every good, positive point.  Stay clear.  On an island with only this book, use it to start a fire. 

The Vampire Diaries Season One.
So I only started to watch the series after I read book one.  Again on Gillian's word that the series is better than the book.  THANK YOU GILIIAN!  I struggled to get into the first 12 episodes.  Damon was in it, and I really liked Damon.  Elena was not a brat doll.  That was good.  Bonnie was smart and strong, really cool.  The blond was hilarious but the story had no grip on me.  I think I was watching it from the point of view of a reader, a reader who happened to hate the book.  So what happened in episode 12 and 13? I fell in love with the sexiest bad boy in Vampire history.  Stephan grew a back bone.  (It seems to be rather fluid though!  Now he has one, now he does not).  But when he gets one he gets to be real cool.  Bonnie got a life.  Matt, the boy next door started to become the axis point between good and evil.  The history teacher turned into Rick.  And Damon, ah Damon.  He keeps getting better.  He will kill his brother, others won't.  I love Damon.  I think he is sexy, smart, snazzy, stylish, good looking and droolworthy and I wish he would come and BITE ME! Any way he wants.  I will die happy!
So who would like this series?  Men ought to, Elena and friends are hot.  If you liked the first few seasons of Smallville, you would probably like the series.  Those who like modern music and adore TV series soundtracks.  This soundtrack rocks.  Woman, all women, between the ages of 2 and 92, forget the story line; forget the fact that is about supernaturals.  Forget the fact that these men might be young enough to be your grandson.  If you are a woman, has a heartbeat and can see the TV screen, then I can almost guarantee that you would at the very least find this show watchable.  At best, you will be addicted, remember the impulse to get posters of Teenage heart throbs and wonder why you ever thought you outgrew the poster on the wall phase.  So in all, for season one of the Vampire Diaries - I give it a one poster on the wall, a name scratched out on your pencil case, doodles with the word Damon repeated, a I have to watch my hair that night and last but not least a drool worthy star.  All in all, a five teenybopper rating. 
If you need to ask why I added this..... seriously.  Look at the man.

Sorry It seems as if  I picked up a stutter where this man is concerned!  But can you blame me?

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