Thursday, May 03, 2012

Reign of Blood by Alexia Purdy

I was really lucky to receive a ARC of the book Reign Of Blood by Alexia Purdy.  Let me tell you it was a absolutely AMAZING book.  A vampire epidemic has hit Sin City, Las Vegas and April, her mother, and 6 year old brother seem to be the only humans left????
April is one kick ass teenager who fights zombie like vampires instead of planning her next date or picking a dress for prom.  After a unfortunate incident she meets with Miranda, Blaze, and Rye.  Together they learn things about one another and try to work together to help benefit one another.  What is the secret behind the biological makeup of April that has everyone wanting her.  The strength that she shows gives us the promise that in times of adversary we to may have a inner warrior.  I for one would definitely love to see more Ito this story.  It would definitely be one to be placed on my watch list.  This book was a refreshing change of pace from typical vampire books that have come out with the romance taking over the thrill of having a book increase your heart rate and keeping you glued to the pages as the story unfolds without predictability.  Please please Alexia continue we this wonderful story.  Definitely a 5 star plus book and when it is released I recommend you picking up a copy.  This book is now out to purchase. ~~~Lisa

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