Thursday, May 03, 2012

My book review of
Forever by Gillian Joy

First off I have to say I have been a very bad girl. I have 4 book reviews to write but I just received the book Forever which is the second book in the Guardian Series. It keep screaming to me cause I feel in love with Hannah in the first book Guardian. I started and finished it in an hour tell you how FABULOUS it was. This story flows right from the ...ending of Guardian we don't miss anything. Hannah and Gabriel dance with their feelings once again what is your feelings on them being together. In my heart they are destined soul-mates Hannah needs to get over what she was led to believe. Hannah gets caught up in a drama involving the fairies and it somewhat distracts her from others trying to get her attention. She is afraid of what these Crustas want with her, will it cost her, her life or the lives of others? Are her children in danger should she tell her secrets? I can't wait for book three to see the story of Hannah and Gabriel continue. Definitely 10 stars run and get your copy you will not be disappointed. Gillian is a very talented storyteller who sucks you into the intimate world that he created and leaves you heartbroken in the end cause it is over.

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