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Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Bag of Bones by Stephen King
Publication Date: March 22, 2010
When Mike Noonan’s wife dies unexpectedly, the bestselling author suffers from writer’s block. Until he is drawn to their summer home, the beautiful lakeside retreat called Sara Laughs.
Here, Mike finds the once familiar town in the tyrannical grip of millionaire Max Devore. Devore is hellbent on getting custody of his deceased son’s daughter and is twisting the fabric of the community to this purpose.
Three-year-old Kyra and her young mother turn to Mike for help. And Mike finds them increasingly irresistible.
But there are other more sinister forces at Sara Laughs. Kyra can feel them too…

I keep telling everybody that old school Stephen King simply can't be beaten.  And with old school I mean pre 2000 thus when discovering a SK book I have not read before and that is somewhat older than he's newer work I figured GO FOR IT.  So I did. 
I got this book on Audio via Audible dot com and it is 21hours and 21 minutes long which include a half hour interview with the narrator, writer -- yes the MAN SK himself. 
He explains why he loves audio books and that he is not a natural actor but that he wanted to do this book in audio himself because he loves it so much.
As narrator Stephen King brings to this book a natural cadence and emotions dialed to the perfect pitch.  Terror in his protagonists is metered down when in the ZONE dialed up when not.  This was an experience second to none.  I can guarantee that I will listen to this copy again before the year is over. 
The story is in principle one of ghosts.  Of a house haunted but then extra layers is added, layers of a past haunting, the past of an individual, a town haunted by its fathers seven generations removed!  It is an incredible story richly layered where choices are never black or white and the results are totally unforeseen.
Sarah Laughs is a house haunted by Sarah but more than her it is haunted by people that are nothing more than Bag of Bones but that does not mean that they did not feel, did not experience and can't be angry.
This book on audio is a production.  Snippets of music can be found throughout the book and the narrator himself joins in on singing a small hymn at a stage.  It is also readers read.  His reference to authors is incredible and the better versed readers will find the story all the more frightening if they get what he is referring to… This is a story of a haunting, of Sarah, of Joe, of a little guy and a man in the zone.  This is a story of life, real life seen at an angle, all too familiar yet intimately strange and removed.  A 5 * review rating if I have ever read one.  But don’t take my typed words for it, go read it for yourself. 

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