Sunday, February 03, 2013

Book Review of Avenge (The Patronus #2) by Sarah M. Ross

*For Mature YA audiences only. Contains adult situations and language*

Six months ago, Lucy Donovan thought that being killed by a drunk driver was the worst thing that could happen to her.

She was wrong.

Now, the person she loves most has been ripped away from her, soul held hostage, and Lucy has vowed to stop at nothing to get it back.

Part of a new team with enhanced powers, Lucy and her friends begin a quest to avenge the souls that have been stolen. Enemies of the Patronus have united, however, and a spy from within the Patronus realm is feeding the enemy their every move.

When a mission goes horribly wrong, Lucy’s soul becomes compromised. It will take a strength she didn't know was within her to escape the darkness, return to the light and avenge the soul she loves.

Review 5*****

This is the second book in The Patronus series. I loved it!

Lucy Donovan is a fantastic character. She is headstrong, stubborn and loving. She is also a Patronus, a guardian to recently deceased souls. She, along with her Patronus friends, are on a mission to locate all the stolen souls. But there is one soul that is even more precious that has been stolen, that of Lucy's sister, Jessica.

This is a fantastic story that continues from the end of the first book. I struggled to put this book down! In fact, I read this in one sitting! I loved this series from when I won the first book in a competition. It is a completely original story that is full of twists and turns, action, danger, romance and adventure. I loved the relationship between all the characters, especially Lucy and Max. They are HOT together. Then again, they are soul mates! However, what makes it even more special to me is the friendship between Lucy and Cassie. These two are very much like sisters rather than best friends. However, all is not sweetness and light. There is danger in the form of vampires, who are stealing souls. These are some very nasty dudes! I certainly wouldn't like to meet up with these vampires! They are very creepy! Happily, the end of the book left me very warm and tingly! I am now looking forward to reading the next book in The Patronus series, which will be James's story, Avowed, and is due for release in the Summer.

Sarah M. Ross has created a fantastic series that I'm in love with. Her writing style is fluid and fast paced; I would read anything written by this author in the future. I highly recommend this book (and series) if you are looking for a fantastic YA romance. Please note that due to some scenes of a sensual nature and some bad language, this book is for the older YA age range (16+). - Lynn Worton

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